Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Progress Stitch by Stitch

When you keep stitching, it is easy to miss the fact you are making progress on a large quilt.
But when I walked back into the room later and saw this,
I was very excited to see I am nearing the end of my medallion quilt finally!
 During this afternoon's swim time, I sat sideline and finished the cuff on my second Solar sock.
 They turned out pretty and fun.
Comfortable in KnitPicks Stroll, over 64 sts on 2.55 needles.
I have enough yarn left to make some super shorty socks and will even have
enough to use in my sock yarn scraps blanket!


  1. Oh that quilt is so pretty...and large! Love your socks. I really like the KnitPicks Stroll yarn.

  2. Gorgeous quilt and socks! I love the border fabric on your quilt - so bold and it pulls all the colors together.

  3. Solar was the pattern I was using when I realized I would not have enough yarn. I think it must use a bit more than a plainer pattern. Yours turned out lovely.

    Enjoy the new snuggly socks.

  4. Always exciting to see the end of the quilt lift off of the ground! Pretty socks, too!


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