Wednesday, April 5, 2017


 See what a mild winter can do for your longed for bougainvillea?
 We have replanted it several times after we though it was completely gone from the frost but it is hardier than we though so now we have three colors growing on the one trellis and I love it!
 You know it is the end of March beginning of April because the Fringe Tree is in bloom!
This is one of those trees that bloom before it leafs out- like a dogwood.
 The blooms are quite large at 12" long and they smell so sweet and lovely!
 We have two kinds of bamboo-hundreds of feet of this greenish stalked one.
This is about 20 feet tall at least.
And the sturdier kind is beige colored and even taller.  
I love the lines and texture of my bamboo!


  1. I'm a fan of bamboo too! We have it at the back edge of our woods and it is HUGE. So many don't like it because it can be invasive. Your bougainvillea is gorgeous. And I've never heard of a Fringe Tree - very pretty!

  2. Beautiful!

    I had no idea that bamboo grew in North America until a few years ago when Mom and I took a trip to Virginia. The hotel/conference centre we stayed at had a beautiful bamboo grove outside one of the buildings. It was amazing!

    I have some bamboo growing in my house.. but it's only about a foot tall.

  3. The light coming through the bamboo is so petty.

  4. Oh my gosh. Bamboo is magic. Looks like another gorgeous Virginia Springtime. We are still sticks and snow in Wisconsin. But there are definite signs that Spring is really here, just hiding today

  5. Such lovely photos and the lighting just makes it all seem soft, warm and spring. The contrast of colors and the lesson in attributes of the bamboo is great as well! Ah growing things

  6. Look at all that greenery! I can't keep the deers from eating my newly planted azaleas. Darn things.

  7. Lovely flora! So nice to see that trellis loaded with beautiful flowers.


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