Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hats Off to You!

 Because I am not using any of my handspun sock yarn in my sock yarn scrap blanket, I had several balls of the handspun in my stash.
The first hat used the browns in the gradiated ball.
 Then the second was all in the greens.
This one I used a rolled edge instead of ribbing.
I think it looks like a little Spring Sprout!
And I threw the Chroma yarn hat in the washer and dryer and it shrunk a bit in the length mostly but only slightly because it still fits the doll model!
Now that's good news because I have a lot of this yarn to use up!


  1. The green one, with its curly tendril top, looks like a sugar snap pea to me! (Yum!) Nice to have a mix of typical and atypical baby colors in these hats.

  2. Your hats all look great! (Glad the Chroma didn't shrink too much.) I love the little sprout hat - just darling!

  3. Not bad for the Chroma. It works beautifully with that pattern.

  4. All great - but I love that little sprout!


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