Friday, May 24, 2019

Blast Off!

 What a day-busy yet very enjoyable!
A woman my daughter's age and her young son came for a visit;
Ethan and he are very close in age and played so nicely together--good for both of them!
I sure found it pleasurable to talk 'woman's talk' and watch the boys play.
We even spent a long time in the pool on this hot day!
I finally picked up my knitting to turn the heel on the second Solar sock by late evening.
(This is Nemo hogging my lap and chewing the yarn to let me know he was there!)
Bill came running to announce to me (I was already in bed) there is a launch of a rocket!
"Come on, let's go out and see if we see it!"  
As soon as we stepped outside, we could hear it!
The picture is really a speck but we could see the flames in the first few minutes and then the tail plume as it roared away from earth-always an amazing sight to me!


  1. Seeing that rocket must have been amazing. I found myself watching a live stream the other night from NASA as they sent something off into space. It was thrilling.

  2. How cool to see a rocket launch! Do they announce them in advance or are they secret?

  3. Oh wow! It must have been so cool the see that Rocket!

  4. It sounds like a lovely day and then to end it with a rocket blast! How cool is that? Thanks for sharing the pictue with us.

  5. Seeing those launches NEVER gets old. That must have been one of the BIG rockets for you to hear it. Every once in awhile we could actually feel them at our house.

    We certainly did hear the shuttles when THEY came home. LOL

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend and try to stay cool. I hear you are in for some crazy HOT days.

  6. Nice to have a relaxing visit.

    The rocket launch is very cool!

  7. What a fun day! BTW, I have the same verse from Proverbs hanging in my sewing room. We watched the launch of Columbia and were saddened by what happened upon its return. Have a great holiday weekend!

  8. I'd definitely get out of bed to see a rocket launch! Glad you got to see it.


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