Thursday, May 16, 2019

New Job?!

 It is still wet and swampy out back.
The frogs are happy.
 Dear Husband, who is suffering from extreme cabin fever, decided to use the old mower to do a little mowing...
it was wetter than he thought.  And he  is not as quick at steering with only one arm.
I was able to use the golf cart to pull him out using a tow rope.
 And my neighbor Millie also needed some help!
One more pass was one too many!
Good thing I know my way around a 'tow vehicle'!
 The middle of May and a bit of rain and all of the yard shoots out rain lilies!
Beautiful and aromatic!
It was a nice day to be outside!
A night out for dinner (the rain date for our anniversary!) and then a lit by the river.


  1. I used our riding mower for the first time ever yesterday out of boredom and almost got stuck too. All this rain has made my yard a mushy mess.'s raining again today. Ugh.

  2. The rain has been crazy this spring! My yard is still so soggy. And I've given up on cleaning muddy paw prints off my floors!

  3. Glad you got the anni dinner in!!

  4. Wow! I know who to call if I ever get stuck. You need to advertise. With all the rain you've been having, I'm sure you would be a busy lady. :-) We're supposed to have thundershowers this afternoon and rain all weekend.
    Glad you got your dinner in and such a pretty view too.

  5. You are a GOOD Florida girl!!!!

    I always love when you post photos of the St. Johns. I do miss being by the river. Even in downtown Jax, the river is gorgeous!

  6. Great job. I can't imagine living in a wet environment or trying to mow grass there.

  7. Oh boy. I think you probably read about my mishap two weeks ago. I tried to park in friend's grass to let others park on the pavement that was narrow. The 4 Wheel drive truck got stuck stuck stuck. I wish I could smell those gorgeous flowers

  8. I am adding towing to your many talents. Hope your husband is feeling better and you are getting some rest.

  9. If only you had a dollar (or a pound of chocolate!) for every time you’ve had to tow Dad after one of his mishaps!!! The rain lilies are so pretty; I wonder if any would transplant happily to my house?!


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