Monday, May 20, 2019


I turned a bit on Saturday--the kind with the lathe.
I started with a big chunk of wood, made it round-
hollowed out one end of the little piece and then started forming the knob on top
and the lathe started acting up--
the problem with buying old and used is that they are old and used.
I am hoping it is not used up!
Upon checking out the 'parts' I removed, there are several pieces missing.
Little things like washers, or spacers used to keep everything aligned.
I will have to get my husband involved today and hear it, see it 
and most importantly to say, "Yeah, I can fix that!"


  1. "I can fix that" is Dave's motto... even if it's not worth fixing. lol.

  2. Hope the repair is a quick and easy one.

  3. What you got done so far is very nice and I sure hope it can be fixed easily.

  4. That's just amazing! Broken or not, that's some fine work!


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