Thursday, May 23, 2019

Look What I Did!

 It is complete--I even cut a dowel and applied a twisted cord to hang it!
I think Will enjoy having a paper on display-math or artwork are his favorites right now.
I will give it to him next week.
 I also completed and washed the sampler quilt!
This crinkled in just the right way-it feels like an old quilt much loved already.
 I had a few favorite blocks;
the quilting was loose and spontaneous on each block.
 Yet, I kept some elements to repeat so that they would have some unity.
 I enjoyed just quilting and not worrying about particulars!
I quilted all of the borders and sashes with the same motif, though.
 And I remembered to include my label.
This will go into the donation box , if my daughter doesn't want it back.
 And I finally remembered to purchase a yard and a half  of flannel backing
 so I could load the flannel quilt top!
I am quilting this with a loose free motion meander which is very quick;
it was loaded, layered and then half of the quilting was done in half an hour!

But this leaves me with an empty design wall!
Time to pull out that languishing quilt kit!
(such a hardship-not at all! lol)
Oh, and I added a knit block to the sampler blanket
made on the knitting machine.
(the block on the lower right-the cabled block)
It was my first forage into cables on the machine and it was easy to do and the results are pleasing.
Nice to have a successful first attempt.


  1. Wow!! That's a lot of fantastic work! I'm glad you showed a closeup of the quilting. I never know what to do and and you gave me some good ideas.

  2. You have been kicking it! Your energy must have come back full force. Great job on all, love that wall hanging.

  3. I'm kind of amazed you can do cables on the machine. Very cool!

  4. Will is going to love displaying his papers on the wall hanging!

  5. You've been busy!

    What an interesting way to hang papers from school. So much more creative that a Bulldog clip on the fridge. (That's what we did.)

  6. Fantastic projects all! I bet Will will be thrilled to have such a neat place to display his work!

  7. I'm sure Will will love the new way to display his handiwork. I know I do! Your quilt is lovely too. The way it wrinkled is perfect. Thank you for the close up.

  8. Love that wallhanging - great way to hang a child's creative work! You've been busy in the sewing room - one quilt done and another loaded! Well done! xx


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