Saturday, June 26, 2021

More Mobile

I received the next installment for the Casablanca Afghan and needed to get to work finishing last months rows--it was a new-to-me stitch and I had to do a bit of work to figure it out!  Soon, I was cranking along and added the second row of reverse crochet so I could begin the new rows.  This one will have some checkerboard with 3 squares at each corner.  Nice to shift gears.
I also wanted to do last week's block for the Sewcial Qal which is the one on the right;  a sewing machine.
 I made mine in reverse colors so that it would look like my sewing machine.  A new block comes out tomorrow so I am ready now!  

My body is struggling to catch up from all of the strain of Monday's trip but I am loosening up each day so it felt good to be able to be  up and about for short times! 


  1. Such a pretty pattern for both the crochet and the quilt. I love the fabric you've chosen for the quilt. It's so summery and bright.
    I hope you soon feel yourself again. This getting old gets old sometimes doesn't it?

  2. The crochet square look like the perfect colors for this time of year --- red (ish), white and blue.

  3. That beautiful crochet project looks so hard!
    I had a dentist appointment and a grocery pickup this week and I'm still zonked out from them. I doing my best imitation of a couch potato all day today starting at 6 am with the Tour. I may just do it tomorrow too.


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