Friday, June 18, 2021

Amazing Discovery

Crack of dawn and we were off to Sea World to play at Discovery Cove with family!
Oh, let me say that I am not a tourist kinds person 
but this has to have been one of the best trips we have enjoyed.  Everywhere was beauty...
Places that didn't need to have beauty, did.
     Look at the flamingo parade!
The plants were incredible;  
we saw many new to us plants!
The place was so clean 
and a delight for the eyes in every direction.
 The lazy river (which is not really lazy-you have to walk, float, swim and fight the current and get doused in the waterfalls... to name a few!) was a favorite with all of us UNTIL there was the 'swim with the dolphins' time!  Just incredible to watch our sons and their families enjoy this special time!
The kids smiled all the way home 
and they are smiling in their sleep!


  1. That does look amazing!!!

  2. It looks like a WoNdErFuL day for all of you. The beauty is stunning but the "real" beauty are those kids right threre. I can just see the love and happiness in their faces.

  3. It looks like you are having incredible adventures with your wonderful family, enjoy!


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