Wednesday, June 23, 2021

A Whirlwind!

I am not used to this fast paced life, let me tell you!  It is wonderful to be with the kids and see the world through their eyes but they sure run circles around me!  We went to Sea World on Monday.  Again, lots of attention to details of beauty which is very sweet to my mind!

These are stone walruses with a wave machine in the pool 
to give lots of movement!
Golden Rain trees are in bloom and add a wonderful pop of color!

We loved the aquarium-Aria really wanted to see a real sea horse!
We got to pet some sting rays--
they are really squishy, did you know that?!
  Like wet leather!
We enjoyed the dolphin show-what incredible mammals!
This says it all!  After the show, we went 'down below ground' to view the tank of dolphins and they swam around showing off with all of their 'techniques' in front of us! 
The jolt of going in to see the penguins was extreme-
like their habitat!  
It was 93*F outside with a real-feel temp of 103* and then you enter their 'world' and it was 32*F!  I had teased Krystle about bringing jackets but this place sure needed them!
Penguins were so awkward on the ground yet so graceful doing their belly rolls in the water!
And then we had a huge thunder and lightening storm and had to seek shelter!  The kids had waiting in line for 2 hours and then ride was then closed for the storm.  I will say, that amidst all of the beauty and wonder there are a lot of people and a lot of lines and short-staffed booths for snacks, etc.  It makes for a long and over-stimulating day!  Did I mention the miles of walking?!
But I enjoyed the little details of mosaics under my feet and on buildings.  I think I will be doing one in my next decade!
We ended the night with a bang-the orca show and another T-storm!  Let's say, it was an interesting walk back to the car!  I loved the serenity of Discovery Cove but the kids all voted SeaWorld as their favorite day!  I see a definite generation-gap in our likes! lol
I felt all of my years after our long day 
but I sure wouldn't have missed it for anything!


  1. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time!!

  2. Great photos! The one of the Grands watching the dolphins is wonderful.

  3. Wow. Sea World has really changed since we last went there. It looks like y'all had a great day.

    I love the shark mosaic. Yep .... Florida and thunderstorms. I remember those! LOL

  4. Such a wonderful day for you and your grands. A memory was made for sure. You will laugh for years at the thunderstorm memories. That's what our kids do. I'm so glad the cousins got to play together and form bonds of family. I love penguins and dolphins and could watch them both for hours. I sure do understad the not being able to keep up with the though. It's exhausting!

  5. How lovely! I am so glad I got to do Disney World with the Grands several years ago because I doubt I could handle it now. We drove about an hour and a half last week to see Daughter's new house in progress and it almost killed me. I was exhausted for days. I have no idea how I am ever going to get to Michigan to see the latest Grand. I told The Mister we are going to have to get an RV so I can take breaks and nap on trips. Pup seconded that motion.

  6. Oh what fun!!! Anything with sea life is wonderful. Glad you made more memories.


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