Thursday, June 24, 2021


I didn't too much of anything yesterday while the house was quiet;  Jared and family went to spend the night with youngest brother.  Instead, I did a lot of couch time resting my body--I am not used to so much activity!  I reached for some easy knitting and made the dishcloth on the right, the coral one.  And then I had a thought to slip the first stitch with a purl-wise slip, then bring the yarn to the back between the first and second stitch and it made the edge look very differently-fun to see the 'what if' work out!
Yes, I like the look of the smooth edge!
We've been getting rain every day-usually in the afternoon but sometimes even earlier;  summer is our wet season.  The Rain lilies have exploded into bloom everywhere--they are an unruly bunch of green leaves the rest of the year!
I have red, red with white and white with red ones.  They have a sweet aroma, too, and you know how unusual that is to have a scented bloom!  


  1. Pretty flowers and nice dishcloths!!

  2. I’ll have to try that technique for the dishcloth edge. Thanks.

  3. I like that dishcloth edge too. Your flowers are so pretty. We had a doozy of a thunderstorm last night. It seemed to last for hours. Maybe it was just one storm afer another and it's supposed to rain today too. Glad you got some much-needed rest yesterday.

  4. Pretty lilies!
    They are calling for a rainy weekend here (but still stupidly humid of course). I'm not sure what that means for me and outside work at the new house.


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