Sunday, June 27, 2021



I have a new pair of socks on the needles!  

Hawthorne Compass Kettle Dye

 but the yarn looks like goldenrod flowers to me!

These were picked out by my daughter-in-law when she was looking at the KnitPicks catalog and said that this was one of her favorite yellows-better even than butter colored yellow.

I was surprised but put an order in right away and ordered some Hawthorne Bare skeins, too, so I can dye them in a tonal color of my own!

My house is empty...all family have gone home.  

We are not going to let so much time pass before we visit again-no matter what!

It was so hard to let go of the hugs......

***Note to any airline travelers:  

Don't fly American Airlines!

  The headlines are not exaggerated;  they are stranding travelers everywhere.  When my son left Saturday morning for his flight from Jacksonville to Chicago, they left the airport here without a hitch.  Unfortunately, when they arrived in Chicago for their connecting flight to Seattle, they were told that all flights were cancelled and they couldn't get another until Monday night.  My son got right to Alaskan Airlines online and bought his four tickets-the last four tickets.  Then when he talked with the ticket agent with American, he did at least get compensation for the new tickets.  They will be home tonight.  He said that there are hundreds in the airport looking like they are never going to be customers for American Airlines    ever      again!


  1. Uh-oh. Our tickets to London are with American Airlines. Not good. That's a month off so maybe they'll figure something out by then.
    That new sock yarn is gorgeos and I think it will make some very pretty socks.
    Life is so out of contol rigt now with some restrictions, but different everywhere. Im tired of it all. I think lots of grandchildren hugs are the best.

  2. So sad to hear of the travel delays. But so glad you had a wonderful time with your family. Love that sunny sock color.

  3. I saw an article about the airlines canceling flights all over the place. That's a shame your family got caught up in the nightmare.
    I love that yellow too. I have a thing for yellow socks. They are always the ones I reach for first in the sock drawer.

  4. That is awful! I'm glad your son was able to make it home.

    The yarn is gorgeous. What pattern are you going to do?

  5. Sounds like a wonderful visit, but a not so wonderful travel home. But love all the projects you've gotten back to!


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