Friday, June 25, 2021

A Friday Feline

Each night when I head into my room for bed, Lena races ahead of me to play with our mousie tied to a string.  
I swing it towards her and she tries to act nonchalant. 
 until she can't resist! 
 I swing it high in the air and she jumps and twists 
until after 10 minutes she slows down and it is time for sleep.  We like our routine.


  1. Tyg loves his toy that is tied to some yarn. And C&Ms cats love to play with toys being pulled by string. Funny!

  2. I've discovered that the way to know if you can socialize feral kittens is if they will play with you. Only one of my cats will play and she is the one that we could turn into a house pet. All her other siblings look at toys as a threat and don't even seem to be able to see the red laser light that she loves so much.

  3. That is a super fun bedtime routine!! Cats are the best... :) xx

  4. Mom's cat, Maple, loves to play with the yarn ball I made her but ignores the little mice Mom has bought her. Maybe if I tie it to a string? I'm glad you have your little routines with Lena. You can tell how much she loves being with you. I would LoVe to have a cat again if only Piper weren't so allergic.
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. The second photo clearly shows her intense interest.

  6. It's funny how they have their routines. Every night after dinner, Rupert comes down and sits on the floor in front of the couch and stares at me until I turn on the red dot! After about half an hour of play, he settles down on the couch beside me and purrs until bedtime.


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