Friday, April 21, 2017

Spun Out!

 I took the whole production outside so I could ply the last little bit of the Gulf Native wool and finish it up!
 I even wound it off the bobbin right away.
 A slight over spin but that usually relaxes after the washing!
 What an accomplishment!
463 yards of fingering weight yarn in this squishy, soft yarn.
Against all odds because I was getting zoomed by bikes, scooters and tyke trucks!
It plumped up after washing just right.
I am thinking I will dye it so that I can use it in a garment with the
cactus dyed rose yarn.
One other skein of this fiber I will dye a sage green and that will give me a full pound of this yarn.
Some Fair Isle knitting is in my future!


  1. That's a big skein!!! Spinning outside is the very best.

  2. Gulf Native finish is beautiful! It is a big accomplishment. I love it

  3. It's beautiful! And, that's a lot of yarn! Congrats! How fun it'll be to dye it and use it in a project. It's such a cool feeling to spin yarn and make it into something. Much more so than using store bought yarn. I can't quite figure out the right word but I'm sure you get what I'm trying to say. Enjoy! :-)

  4. Mmmm, that's a delicious-looking skein of yarn. I love how plush it looks!

  5. Wow, that's a whole lotta yarn! And it is gorgeous. Can't wait to see your dye job with it.

  6. I agree - very inviting to knit with it! unfortunately I'll have to wait with spinning outside:( my wheel is repaired, but in this weather it'll get too cold in a few minutes:( and your "veranda" looks positively tropical - already!


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