Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Spiffing up for Family!

 Since I moved this chair into the fireplace room, 
I didn't like the color of the cushions so I recovered them!
 It is a nice soft fabric, too, so it's very inviting to take a seat--we will be taking a dip in temps
again this weekend so I will be sitting here looking at the fire!
Until then, I wore this t-shirt to go to the airport and pick up my two oldest grands!
They flew w/o parents to spend a week with us!  I am so excited!
We have a lot of painting and fishing planned!


  1. Your chair made my heart stop. True story.....I had a rocker EXACTLY like that one that I had gotten from my grandmother and for some stupid reason I took it use in my classroom. One day I came in and it was GONE. I searched all over the school for it and finally the janitor confessed that he broke it up and threw it in the dumpster because I had left it close to our big classroom trashcan and he thought I meant to throw it out! I was in tears. He felt so bad he bought me another. It wasn't the same. I had rocked a lot of miles in that rocker with my babies at home. You can't replace that.

  2. Have a fabulous week with the Grands! The shirt is perfect - I bet they get a kick out of it.

  3. Have fun with the grands. Is it spring break already?

  4. I love that shirt and you did great with the rocker. I can imagine the fun times you have planned and look forward to reading all about them. :-)

  5. Love the blanket and quilt top! The cushions would definitely invite me to sit!! And I hear you on the cable needles! I prefer to not use one, but when you must they are a lifesaver.

  6. I hope to see lots of fishing pictures. .Catch and release of course!
    You are going to have a great time. The rocker cushions are lovely . YOU ARE GOOD

  7. Love the chair makeover. That chair has done many miles but always spiffs up nicely!


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