Thursday, February 20, 2020

How Artful!

 After a lazy morning yesterday, Abigail and I had fun painting.
We laughed that we were not as quick as the youtube artists!
These will be finished this morning.
We have quite an art center set up! 
 Wednesday afternoon, we enjoyed a golf cart ride and then a swim-
well, one of us swam!  I did a bit of knitting!
 The amaryllis are blooming!
These live outside and they flower with very little work on our part!
And boy do we have azaleas!
They look like glow-in-the-dark colors!
Off to do more of the same!


  1. The paintings are looking fantastic! Looks like another great day.

  2. Don't you just love those You Tube artists that make it look so easy? They manage to sell me a lot of art supplies but so far none of their talent has rubbed off. Lol.....

  3. The flowers are gorgeous. The last one is like a day-glow color!! Fun to paint together too I bet.

  4. Amaryllis thriving outside! Can you tell I live in the cold zone? Love all the activities you’re enjoying with the Grands.

  5. Brrrrrrrr....I bet that pool water was quite chilly! Looks like Abigail is having a fun visit with you.

  6. It looks like Abigail has inherited your talent. Beautiful paintings. Swimming and golf cart rides. I'd be willing to be they won't be ready to go home. :-)


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