Sunday, March 27, 2022


I know it's the end of March when my fringe tree bursts into bloom! This one goes from looking like a dead tree to a dead tree with these ghostly large blooms almost overnight!
The blooms are beautiful and smell sweetly aromatic. 
If we get enough rain, they last for a few weeks.
My project for the day, was to take off this broken old folding door and replace it with a new one!
I was able to remove the old door and all the mess, but could not single handedly get the new door hardware put together or to use the drill over my head to attach the hardware! Since Bill was outside working, the conclusion of this job will have to wait till it rains again and he's stuck in the house!


  1. Hooray that the fringe tree is healthy and happy!

  2. The weather had been beautiful here but yesterday it turned cold and we had hail all day. Maybe we will warm up again mid week. It's quite a jolt to the system to wake up with ice again. My poor plants are in shock too.

  3. I'm amazed at how much youget done with a broken wrist! Don't go over-doing it now will you

  4. That tree is so pretty! I'm so surprised that you could even get the door down with one hand. Wow! A lady of many talents.


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