Wednesday, November 2, 2022


I did a bit of painting yesterday;   this ceramic bell was a gift from my parents 20 years ago after they had taken a trip to Arizona.  The poor bell had become faded and you couldn't see the design anymore.
I used some acrylic paint pens to spiff it up again and then sealed it with lacquer.
I even had to repair the clapper as the old one had fallen and broken when the jute cord had deteriorated.  I think it is proud of its face-lift!


  1. It looks wonderful. I think I would be proud of my face lift too.
    I haven't been around for a few days again. The weekend was crazy busy. I'm trying very hard to catch up with everyoe tonight and hopefully will stay that way.
    Tomorrow we sign the papers on the house and the buyer is supposed to sign next week. Would you please pray it all goes smoothly with the housing market crashing as it is. I think we sold just in time!
    Take care my dear friend.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. It looks great! I need to do that with my Halloween decorations. My dad made me a big ghost and some pumpkins from wood and they looked pretty worn out this year. I need to pick up some acrylic and give them a face lift too.


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