Wednesday, November 9, 2022


 Can you believe it?!  I was digging in a long forgotten bin and found some white!!!!  This is the classy pumpkin made from the strips of double layered tubes!  The pumpkin is 8" tall, mostly made of RedHeart yarns, made on the Addi 22. The pattern is from Mary Moilanen of Calumet Knits. Now I want to make some plain white and grey ones that are smaller to go with this one!

Today we will be finalizing the preparations for Hurricane Nicole;  we aren't putting so much away yet things like wind chimes, hanging plants and the umbrella have to be put in a safer place!  Bill is on call but I am hoping he won't have to go for this one!  


  1. Nope, I didn’t guess that! Very fun!!

  2. Looks fab! Hope everything is ok with the hurricane x

  3. I really do like that pumpkin. That's my favorite decor pattern right now. I've been thinking and praying for you since Nicole headed north. God be with you and all in her path. Also praying Bill gets to stay home with you.

  4. That's a surprise! It's really cute.
    I hope Nicole plays nice down there. I hear she's bringing us some nasty stuff of Friday. Oh, joy.

  5. Very cute pumpkin.

    Hope you stay safe and problem free. Does Bill work for the power company?


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