Friday, November 11, 2022


We woke up to wild and crazy weather--winds 30-40mph but only 3" of rain.  It sounded like more rain but it was blowing horizontally so it didn't measure! lol  We had no major damage and having Bill here made the stress level near zero!  I played in the morning machine knitting some hats and even some Pokemon Pokes.
How's this for a good idea for the furry pom-poms which have elastic to attach them--add a button for it to hang onto and this way you can still  take it off for washing!  They sell fancy buttons, too, and I am thinking it would be a good idea because they have instructions to detach the pom for laundering.
A bit later in the day, I played with some resin jewelry.  A real shark's tooth is now encased in resin and a watch face that belonged to my Mom ages ago-
and even the back with all of the gears is visible! 
 The SteamPunk in me loves it!!!!
This is a new shark's tooth in the mold.  It has to sit for 12 hours before I can remove it and trim the edge so it isn't sharp;  I use my dremel with a sanding wheel on it.  This is a high quality resin that stays clear--I was so disappointed with the resin I used years ago--it turned dull and opaque instead of staying clear.
Brilliant Windows has great tutorials and products!
I even finished the conversion of these real stamps into pendants!  A nice day to celebrate some wild weather!


  1. The stamps are beautiful. I would definitely wear the watch with the back showing. Steampunk ROCKS!

  2. Those pendants are just amazing! I love the idea about using a button to take off your pom pom. I always wondered how you wash a hat that has pom poms. The few I tried when the kids were little had their pom poms turned to hard lumps.

  3. I'm glad that you survived the hurricane in one piece. It sure seems to have done a lot of damage to the coastline according to the news.
    You were definitely a busy lady and made good use of the time indoors. :-) The hats are great but the resin pieces are really amazing. I love your watch pendent. I may need to read up on this craft. The stamps are so colorful and pretty too.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Brilliant idea for removing pom poms!!
    Stay safe - I hope the winds die down!

  5. Such cool little trinkets!

    It's cooler, and rainy here, but no hurricane, thankfully

  6. Hard to pick a favorite from the pendants: I like all of them.

  7. That’s a great idea to remove the pompoms for washing! The resin pieces are very cool.

  8. Glad you're keeping busy, and hope you weather the hurricane without any damage! Take care.

  9. Lovely pendants!! And so glad you are ok after the storm. I guess we'll see the damage in Daytona in a few weeks. Hopefully they will have time to recover before more storms brew.


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