Sunday, November 13, 2022


I didn't pick these gourds, but I did make them! 
 I made these on the knitting machine using dropped stitches to make the chain cables.  The smaller one is about 4 1/2" and from the 40 needle machine and the larger one from the 48 Sentro is 6" tall. 
 I want to make a bunch more in grey now!
Aren't these guys sweet? 
 The are 2 1/2" tall--little octupi, in case you wondered!
The loufa is ready for picking, skinning and using! 
 I didn't have to wade into the wet area to pick it 
but I did step in an ant's nest and did a bit of a frantic
 jig to get rid of the millions (well, maybe 100) ants!
  Gratefully, I had sneakers on 
and wasn't in flip flops for a change!!!!
Bill did have to wade out a bit to pick this bunch of bananas! 
It is a very large bunch 
which he will take to church today to share with others!


  1. Very cool things in this post! The pumpkins are fun and the octopi are absolutely adorable. I didn’t realize you had loofah growing again, so hooray for the harvest! And I’m sure the bananas are as delicious as ever!

  2. Cute pumpkins.

    Are those little bananas as sweet as regular bananas once they get ripe? I know our neighbor grew some, but I don't think I ever tried any.

  3. I love those knitted pumpkins!
    Have you seen the price of goat's milk? I went to order some for soap making and then didn't. $19 for the little can of powder that I usually buy. I had some in the freezer that I tossed when we changed over to the new fridge not that long ago and I am so mad at myself right now.

  4. Oh, I really like those sweet knitted pumpkins and octopi. I must have missed the post about the loofah. I didn't know that you were growing one. And finally, I love banana's and those look so good. It's nice of Bill to share them.

  5. I want to grow loofah and now you have reminded me... I'll have to look in my seed collection if I actually have any seeds... Love your pumpkins and the octupi are so cute!!! xx


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