Tuesday, November 29, 2022


 Another hat--a slightlly different number of rows
 and added a tag to shake it up!  
Made from worsted acryic.
Look what I have been picking each day--a Satsuma orange which was named for the area just 10 minutes north of me where they were legendary until the big frosts of the mid-1900's and again in the 1980's which did the groves in.  

You can still buy them for your yard--and even though we only planted this one last year only last year, it produced a bumper crop for me to eat!  They peel like a tangerine, taste deliciously sweet and juicy like an orange and have hardly any seeds! 
 I'll be glad to eat one for you today!


  1. Beautiful hat!!
    and that orange looks amazing!

  2. My dream is to one day have a place big enough to have a glass conservatory and grow citrus trees!

  3. We LOVED Satsumas. Your little tree did good!

  4. How delightful to pick fresh oranges from your own tree. Enjoy!

  5. Beautiful hat yet again! We would love to be able to have a Satsuma tree. Dennis particularly loves them. We buy mandarins here and they aren't nearly as good. Your little tree is doing great for being so young.

  6. Those oranges!!!! Wow....tangerines say Christmas to me but they've been hard to find here for the past few years. That and mince pies. I guess they are on the extinction list since it's just us boomers who indulge.


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