Saturday, November 26, 2022


I wanted to spend time in the studio first thing in the morning yesterday but I kept making mistakes!  I sewed all of the sashings together without any problems but I sewed one strip on upside down and then after ripping it all out, I sewed the wrong row to next and had to rip that out!  I decided it was better to walk away and start fresh tomorrow!  
I did manage to finish this block--it reminds me of Celtic knots!  But if you look closely to the top garter rows you will see they are a bit off on the color.  Yup, the two skeins that I ordered were of diffeerent dye lots and I have no more.  I might just knit another block in the full skein now but I couldln't think about it last night.  My start and finish were a bit rough! lol
Here's to a new day and better adventures!


  1. Sometime there are days like that and it is better to just walk away. Just think, you'll not only get to do all of that wonderful sewing again, you can reknit that GORGEOUS block. It does indeed look like cellic knot.
    Blessings and love,

  2. The color change is barely noticeable - don’t stress about it.

  3. Some days are like that. Hope today is a BETTER day.

  4. I've had many days where it's better to just walk away. I've learned to listen when that happens!


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