Saturday, February 4, 2023


Here's a family picture-my brother, sister, parents and me!  
I began the day yesterday with a sad cindy moment!  I dropped my ring down the second floor register and heard it drop  A L L  the way down to the basement!  When it warmed up a bit (-13F is very chilly) the men headed down to the basement to look things over.  They tried snagging it from above and it didn't work.  So went down with the plan to open up the vent pipe.
They drew the 'trap door' mark to use the grinder to open it up...
then the battery died on the grinder.  They (my brother in law, brother and dad) ended up just unscrewing the pipe from the stringer and pulled it out of the other end and were able to find....
my ring (front left) and another ring we have never seen which is sterling silver, an initial ring with a V on the front!  The other items are just fun, too.  The other good thing they discovered after living in this house since 1970, that there was a damper to this heat register upstairs and it has always been closed--the upstairs is much warmer now! lol
This was the arctic-like scene we woke up to yesterday morning!  Brrrr!
But did it stop my Dad from bundling up and heading out to get the mail at 10am?  Not at all.  
Mom and I worked on our mittens 
to match the hat we made the other day.
I managed to whip off another hat-red on the inside and grey on the outside, or vice versa as desired!

Church by remote today! 


  1. How neat, you are like archeologists! LOL

  2. Fun discoveries! I’m glad you were able to retrieve your ring.

  3. The ring story is so funny. Even funnier is that I just found a ring like yours in the parking lot of the Catholic church by the boardwalk and took it down to the town hall's lost and found. I hope someone is as lucky as you were and finds it again. I could tell it was well loved because the band was so worn. I bet someone was removing a glove while getting in the car and it popped off.
    The hats and mitten sets are perfect-and perfect for that weather.'s been cold here too but a warm up is expected today.

  4. I'd say that was a pretty rewarding "recovery". A warmer upstairs is the best reward, but I'm glad you got your ring back too.

  5. Oh how fun! I wonder what kind of things are down the vents in this place!


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