Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Peaceful Place

 I chose a new place to sit and knit today while the boys were at their visit today.
It is Ravine Garden State Park;
I wanted to check this out because I haven't been here for four years.
I didn't walk too far-remembering that as far as I went, I would have to return!
 Plenty of visitors have walked through here-since 1774! 
 Amazing thought.
 I love arches and doorways.... so I enjoyed walking through several tall and impressive ones.
 Doesn't this look inviting!  
I walked to the end of this path and sat at the bench just to the left of the walkway.
 This made me laugh-watch out for branches and fallen trees....
we had 3" of rain and damaging winds yesterday but things were in good shape here.
 This was my pretty view as I sat on the bench.....a little waterfall made a very pretty sound
 while I seamed the pieces I made on the knitting machine.  
And this is looking back the way I had walked. 
 Isn't it pleasing? The sky threatened rain but it held off and I was able to seam both sides of the sweater and even turn up the hem on the front and back.
I will have  a finished sweater to show you tomorrow!


  1. We went there when the azaleas were in bloom. It was glorious!

  2. That is some beautiful scenery — I love the textures in that last photo!

  3. We are getting hit with this rain but wow, that place is really a tropical heaven!

  4. It is so green. Everything here in the summer is brown. I guess we make up for it when it stays green most of the winter though.

  5. A beautiful place to walk, relax, and to finish a sweater.

  6. Love the photos of this beautiful park, so serene. Your furniture and rug look wonderful, very bright and peaceful. Good luck with the sweater finish, can't wait to see it.

  7. Oh that first photo! I tell you I want to knit outside there too. Meanwhile it's a good reminder. I will make a goal to knit outside this weekend. Knit happy!


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