Saturday, July 21, 2018

Picking up the Pace

 I used my circle template to draw in all the arcs I need to turn the border on this quilt
 into a scalloped edge.
  I put a piece of masking tape on the place I used to mark the depth
 so I didn't worry about making one too short!
After drawing them all around to make sure I wouldn't run into any problems,
I then began cutting them out with my scissors.  
The binding steps are next!
As it so often happens, I had to buy some more yarn to make the scrap afghan!
I really liked the pop of color from the warm colors, coral and fuschia, 
and of course, the periwinkle blue!
I can pick up the pace on this work again!c

Try #3 is going the best yet for that knitting machine sweater!
(no photo-it would look the same to you!)
It is going to fast and problem-free now,
I'm giddy!
I hope to have a finished summer tank soon!


  1. Scallops are so much extra fuss but oh, they are so pretty!!

  2. The scallops are going to be fabulous! Love the yarn colors. Yay @ your progress on your machine knit sweater.

  3. I did a scalloped edge on a quilt that Daddio was gifting to someone once and boy was it a head ache. It turned out beautifully though. Totally worth the trouble. It does add so much to the overall look.

  4. Sounds like a good day on the crafting front!

  5. Oh I am staying tuned for that amazing knit machine finish!!

  6. You are one busy gal! But it's all fiber related, so too much fun. Can't wait to see the tank.

  7. Love the scalloped edge on the quilt!

  8. A scalloped edge adds elegance to a quilt.


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