Monday, July 9, 2018

Sunny Spinning!

 After I dropped off the boys, I went to do some spinning by the river.  
It is day three of the Tour de Fleece, you know! 
 I managed to ply the first bobbin full for skein number one of the Southdown fiber.
 This was my view of the river today.
On the way home, I took a picture of the construction going on at the Dunn's Creek Bridge;
it will be a four lane bridge in another year or so! 
 The boys enjoy spotting the construction vehicles each time we drive by!
(and because no one was behind me, I slowed down and took this pic out my windshield!)


  1. Oh it's an espinner? I've never seen one before! Is it fun/fast to spin on?

  2. Do you ever get funny looks when you are knitting/spinning in public? I didn't so much in Florida, but I sure do here. People don't seem to mind STARING!!! LOL

  3. All i see are beautiful clouds!

  4. You're making the most of your waiting time - painting, spinning, and knitting.

  5. How is the new on/off pedal on the espinner working? Is it helpful? You do have some beautiful cloud-piles down there!!

  6. your clouds look very different to ours here! not that we have too many at the moment:)
    and I have finished my first TdF skein as well - but there's still more boring beige alpaca to get through, before I can start something else....

  7. I'd love to get out and spin. It's been cool enough but those bugs are still terrible. I walked through a spider web again this morning. Ugh.


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