Friday, July 20, 2018

Call Me Crazy

 What a long day Thursday was for us!  
It was early visit day which always adds busy to the schedule but this time, I had to stop for lab work, then pick the boys up and meet Bill to shop for a rug to match the new furniture.
It only took two stores but we found just the right one!
It's amazing how light and clean the 'new' room now looks!!!!
 The boys have zoomed their trucks across it-giving it their approval!
Not long after we moved all the furniture back into place, it was time for little guy to take a nap
 and for Boy Wonder and I to head to the doctor's 
so he could have his check-up so he can be ready for school to start! 
 (it's only a few weeks away here! )  

After we came home, we all piled back into the car to head to a 'deal' I found on Craig'sList ....
 ....for a fancy , schmancy knitting machine.  
It will take me a year to get proficient with all this model can do! 
 It knits in the round (hats, mittens, socks, etc!), it knits in Fair Isle, lace and rib to name a few!
It has all the accessories available with this model and plenty of YouTube support!
Stay tuned for more on this adventure!

The boys did great with the long car drive (so did Bill)
because we picked up the buy very south of us,
in fact, in Dee's old stomping ground!
We arrived home, emptied the car, put on pj's and stretched out on the new rug and couch for a good wind down and then headed for bed!
What a day....sweet, successful and satisfying in every way!


  1. what a change the new carpet makes! it goes well with the sofa and the wooden furniture... and I am looking forward to many new projects on the knitting machine - you can keep all the grandkids well k(n)itted out soon:)

  2. The rug looks great with the new furniture and that new machine. WoW!!!!

  3. The rug is perfect!
    And I bet you'll have tonnes of fun with that machine!

  4. Oh that's a pretty room now! Knitting machines are fascinating. I have to you tube one to watch .......if I ever become unable to knit with my hands, I will have this in the wings!

  5. So proud of the boys ---- and YOU for being able to get it all done.

    Have fun with your new toy. (How did Jax look??? Did you know there is a fabulous new craft store opening up in St. John's County??? I think it is called Craft House Florida.)


    It's going to be in Switzerland --- near River Town

  7. The new rug looks great with the new furniture!! A busy but productive day for you. Will be looking forward to seeing what you make on the new machine!!

  8. You're gonna be having some fun now!! Can't wait to see the creations you make.

  9. Whoa, that’s a fun find! Where is it going to live? (I want to picture it in its spot!)

  10. Nice find! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. The rug, furniture, and walls complement each other - great job.


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