Thursday, July 26, 2018

Fiber Work

This is the roving of Bare Stroll sock yarn from KnitPicks which I dyed.
  It turned out well spun finely (thinly) for a real sock yarn..
I took a long time to spin this-all week but I am pleased with the final skein.
This is what I am spinning next;  Hamshire wool roving, another down breed so it is very different from the above fiber!  Both of these balls of roving are the same weight;  one is loosely pulled and stretched to open the fiber up. 
After both packing and dyeing and drying compacts the fiber and it spins more easily if it is fluffed up again.
I am through the first bump of wool and onto the second-this spins much more quickly and easily than the Merino.
I also took a bit of an interlude to spin a sample of Navajo Churro roving.
This is the wool that the Cowichan Sweaters were  (are?) made of-

for example.
The yarn reminds me of the Lopi yarn we can buy today.
(kind of hairy, not real soft wool)
Now I can say I spun it--check!


  1. the superwash has lovely colours! the churro on the other hand looks quite scratchy - I don't think I'd fancy a sweater out of that:) is the hamshire naturally brown or dyed? I had to pre-draft my silk brick as well, it was quite compacted in places, but I still have a few bobbles and thicker bits in it. never mind, it's handspun and it feels lovely to the touch...

  2. Churro was the first thing I tried to spin and it was--ok? Not fun but OK?

  3. I'm very curious to see how that peachy wool spins up. The colors can look so different from wooly bits to yarn.

    Congrats on the sock yarn finish. It's pretty!

  4. You gotta name that skein! It is gorgeous. Happy colors.

  5. Lovely work! I especially like the sock yarn

  6. You are making some lovely yarn! I just don't have the slow patience for spinning, but I always love seeing what others can do.

  7. The sock yarn is super fun. You have a lot going on over there. Thanks for the sneak peeks into the process.

  8. That sock yarn is just beautiful! Such a pretty mix of colors.


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