Wednesday, July 11, 2018


 I finished plying the second skein of the Southdown wool which measured out to another 150 yards..  
I plan to dye the first one in a few colors and the smaller skein in a solid color.
I don't know exactly what it will be used for yet.
 The flowers are loving the rainy season.  This Hibiscus measures 8' across.
 The knotweed bush is making a comeback-the freeze this past winter reduced the big bush to a few 12" stubs.  It is now over my head in height...butterflies are coming to dine!
 This little stub of cactus was 'picked' for me--the lifesaver was too real for some little boy!
It might well root!
It is pretty on my windowsill over the kitchen sink in the meantime!
 This used to be the pond--it is becoming a lake.
We can't drive around the pond-straight ahead on the left was the dam Bill had built.
The next three days are supposed to be dry so we will see if the water level drops at all.
I have been adding to the Persian Tiles blanket;  I think I am about halfway done now.
I ripped out the other blanket-I like this one better and I want it to be big enough.
I also have a pattern to my random colors!
It makes it easier to know what to use next!


  1. Those blankets are so much fun!

  2. I had forgotten about your lifesaver cactus - it is so weird (in a good way). The blankets are gorgeous. The Persian Tiles - you are going to have to stitch them all together, right??? That's a lot of seaming......good for a winter's night!

  3. Littles do like to pick pretty flowers! I hope your stub takes root. Wow, an 8" hibiscus bloom: I bet it smells wonderful, too. The scalloped blanket is my favorite.

  4. Your flowers are so pretty! The hibiscus would make a beautiful colorway.

  5. Such pretty projects!!!

    I think it is sweet that your little picked you a flower!!!

  6. You are burning up the needles!! I am surprised that I have gotten back to knitting fairly strong eight now. I still have too many things I want to sew, but babies won't wait!

  7. I am always amazed at the size of your flowers (and the colours)! why are flowers in a moderate climate usually so much smaller? and the hibiscus gives me inspiration for a sock - the strong pink as a frill instead of a rib, white socks and further down a few single yellow stitches... too many ideas and too few hands, the usual so:)
    and with our drought just now - the lake in the valley is shrinking every day...

  8. Love your hibiscus. I had a big beautiful one - actually it was three - braided together - red, yellow and peach. I had to bring it in the winter, and every time I did, we had a terrible infestation of white fly. I tried to control it, but it finally bit the bullet last year. I've been tempted to get a smaller one.

  9. Beautiful flowers...although I still can’t decide if the lifesaver cactus is fascinating or creepy! :) It is crazy to see that much water around the pond. The afghans are looking great!


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