Monday, July 30, 2018

A Box of Pieces!

 I managed to cut ALL the pieces to make the newest quilt, Starry Splendor.
I had a nice system going after a bit-a dozen FQ's met their match!
Has anyone used the new Frixion pens while quilting?
The many diagonal lines needed to stitch the flying geese segments
are drawn with this pen; 
as I iron the finished section, the pen lines disappear.
The pens also draw nicely without scooching the fabric under the straight edge.
I am going to set out all the pieces on the design wall so when I have a few minutes ,
I will be able to grab a block and piece it bit by bit!  
The colors need to be all set out so I don't end up 
with some combinations that are not pleasing! 
 It's better to plan ahead so there are no negative surprises!
As usual, I prefer a bit of organized chaos!


  1. I think I've got that kit around here somewhere. I am such a sucker for star quilts. I just am really terrible at making them happen.

  2. I've never heard of the Frixion pens. No scooching fabric is definitely a nice feature. That block design is nice and will make a gorgeous quilt.

  3. I!Love! How! Excited! You! Are! Me! Too!

  4. I am hoping to add a design wall now that I have removed a TV cabinet from my sewing space. But then again, I could use that wall for more display space. What to do. Love the new pattern, will be interesting to watch it's progress!

  5. You are so organized! This is definitely going to be nothing but victory in the design and assemble department. :)

  6. I use the frixion pens all the time. They are made to erase when heat hits them. You can throw you fabric in the freezer and the lines will come back. I use it a lot for embroidery work. It goes on so easy and when your u are finished just iron it and its gone.

  7. That’s quite an accomplishment! Something about a project-box waiting for you is so pleasing!


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