Tuesday, July 31, 2018

So Grey

In line with a challenge on Kathy B's blog, 
I am posting this photo of the sock progress
in black and white!
I have turned the heel and am ready to start the leg portion in the rib of choice, K3, P1.
This rib produces a leg that looks like stockinette with the hug of a rib so it stays up!
I hope to have the leg completed in a few days!
Can you guess what color this Crepe Myrtle bloom really is?


  1. I'm guessing it's NOT white. LOL


  2. Wow...that is really fun. It really makes you see things in a different way. Back in the day when you had to pay for film, I shot a lot of B&W because it was cheaper.

  3. Light pink? Yellow? Now, I know why I am such a color freak. ;)

  4. I loved snapping B/W photos with my Minolta SLR - so many great memories were captured with that camera.

  5. Yellow? Love the black and white pics. I'm going to give that leg pattern a go on my next socks. :)

  6. Most of the crepe myrtles I see up here are red. Ours is white. I've no idea what color yours is.

  7. IF yours is dark pick I am jealous, ours is white and while pretty is a bit boring.

  8. I love black and white photos, but I am so thankful that the Creator gave us colors! Can’t imagine not having that eye-feast every day!


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