Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A Flower Surprise!

On the way home from errands yesterday, I asked Bill to stop so I could look at this field of black-eyed Susans.
Imagine my surprise when I got out of the car and they were NOT black-eyed Susans ---can you tell what they are?
If you guessed Coreopsis, you're right!  They are native to Florida and actually called Lanceleaf Tickseed.  There is a very wide right-of-way along the side of the road and it was just full of Coreopsis and Phlox (the purple) but as we drove near our little town, they were mowing  it all down!  It is a very misplaced lawn, in my opinion. How sad not to see the flowers all the way down  our right-of-way until there were homes and sidewalks at least!!
I did attempt a little knitting today straight needles and my left pointer sticking out straight I used I second in command and was able to knit! Now granted, that handed fatigue pretty quickly but even so I was able to enjoy some knitting!


I was able to find on my computer the voice to text feature to save some time on typing since I can't feel around the bandage on my left hand, but I think it makes just as many mistakes as I would with my impairment excavated shun point hello L---see what I mean---that was me saying, exclamation point lol


  1. Such a beautiful field of flowers! I figured it wouldn’t be too long before you were highly motivated to figure out knitting... :)

  2. How sad that they mowed down the flowers.

    Glad you found a way to knit.

  3. What an amazing sight! I knew you would figure out a way to work around your boo boo. If anyone could-it would be you!

  4. LOL on the voice to text. You can get some silly statements that way for sure. Glad you could find a way to knit. Love all those flowers = so sorry they are mowing them down.

  5. What a beautiful field of flowers. I'm glad you stopped for a photo before you reaching the mowing area.
    Yay for figuring out a way to knit. That voice text is hilarious for sure. Dennis's work phone automatically converts voicemails to text and sends him an email. He will call me and ask, "What did you REALLY say?" Then he'll read me the email. Ha! Nothing similar at all. Technology fail.
    Hope that finger heals quickly

  6. A shame that the flowers are mowed seeing as they are native to the area and add a pop of color plus are great for pollinators. We need more wild spaces rather than everything being spruced up all the time. Yikes! Just read about your finger. Hope it heals quickly. I feel down a flight of slippery stairs when it was super humid one time and managed to crochet even with a bandaged up thumb. Thankfully I didn't hurt more than that on the way down. :) Take care.

  7. What a beautiful field of wildflowers! I’m glad you were able to capture the beauty in your photograph and that you found a way to knit a bit.

  8. Beautiful! Too bad they are mowing them.


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