Monday, April 19, 2021

New Yarn Project

The newest crochet project is a kit from Annie's Attic.
It is made with Premier worsted weight yarn and an I hook.
It is off to a good start!
The best part of this project?
My Mom is going to do it, too, and shared is always better!



  1. Pretty! Looks very Santa Fe!

  2. Very pretty. Before I read Dee's comment I was going to say it is very South-West in color. Nice!!

  3. That looks like so much fun to be doing together!

  4. How fun to be making them together with your Mom. I guess we're all thinking alike this morning because I was think it looked like something you would find in Tucson. It's beautiful!

  5. Love those colors and the look of the afghan in the pattern photo.

  6. Playing catchup! All the projects are gorgeous and stunning! How fun to be crocheting along with your mom! And so glad you had a lovely visit with the family! Memories are now stored up for times you miss them.


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