Sunday, April 11, 2021

Family Gathering and Grilling!

Yesterday was our big family gathering-both of my sons came and shared in the day--my brother and sister in law, too!  It was a 13 person gathering--it's been a long time since we've enjoyed such a crowd in our home!  I started out with a snake spotting--which always adds a bit of spark!  My mom stayed safely on the other side of the fence!
The kids were much more interested in a hands on experience with the young rat snake!

We swam, played shuffleboard (I did well all considered!) cards, told stories, threw hatchets and laughed--oh, did I mention we ate....a great grilling of burgers and dogs!  I couldn't ask for a better day! I will do better with pics on another adventure-I was so engrossed in looking at loved one faces, I forgot to take pictures! lol
Today, we will be going out to dinner after church.
I'm going to ask our server to snap a pic for me!


  1. The people are MUCH nicer than the snake in my opinion!

  2. Now that's an uninvited guest no one will forget!!!

  3. I am SO glad to see the little ones learning that snakes are interesting.

    Enjoy your time together.

  4. What a wonderful day! It's so great to actually see people -- or that's how I remember it! I'm hoping this summer will allow for real gatherings.

  5. I'm so glad you're actually all getting together. We had a dinner with seven of us last Friday. All but two fully vaccinated. It's a lovely feeling. Yuck on the snake. They terrify me!

  6. How awesome! We had our movie night last night and I didn't take 1 picture! I just don't think about pics when we are all gathered and having fun. Hope the weather gives you an awesome day of fun and family!


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