Friday, June 24, 2022


This is where Lena goes to escape a house full of kids
 I invited for a swim! lol
I played on the lathe until I couldln't stand the heat any longer!
I put some binding on the table runner; 
 the other one is on the frame!


  1. Awww......sweet kitty! My kitties hide too when anyone comes over. No one knows I even have any cats unless you see them in the window.

  2. That's what Mom's cat, Maple, does too. Unless it's us. She's used to us popping in and out and that's fine. Our old cat George used to great people at the door like a dog! I swear he was half canine. :-) He played fetch and chased the boys all over the house.
    Another beautiful piece of wood just waiting for it's destiny under your hands. And your table runner turned out beautiful, just as I knew it would. You're amazing.

  3. It's good to have projects you can do IN the air conditioning.

  4. Chrisknits-LOVE LOVE LOVE your shower!! We are redoing the condo master bath, so we can have a shower and no tub, hopefully they can get us in before their January estimate! The toppers are wonderful too!

  5. Our kitty hides under our bed when the GKs come over and doesn't come out until they go home! They've predicted a "heat wave" here with temps in the 80s. Are you laughing yet? Hardly anyone here has had air conditioning though until last June when the thermometer hit 109! That was a real record though and this spring, including June, we've had most lots of rain!


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