Saturday, September 17, 2022


My daughter and grandson have zipped down for a brief visit!  We are going to pack a lot into our few days--number 1 on the list is art!  We did this watercolor exercise for a Fall landscape.
We played with some acrylic paint pouring!  What fun to get messy with a buddy! lol Marsel wanted to have an abstract in Fall colors for her family room wall-she got it!
This is totally NOT what I thought I was going to get but it sure looks 'other-wordly' and David claimed it for his room!  (these two are 11 x 14')

 This one is a mini at 5 x 7" but I used up some leftover paints.  It looks like a weather map to me!

Today is a family gathering--three of my four kids and my brother and sil for a cook out.  


  1. Family time AND craft time together!!! What a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sounds like a fun visit with lots of nice projects. No grandkid visits for us as they both have COVID and are missing the first days of their school year.


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