Thursday, September 1, 2022


It is so nice to wake up and see this guy each morning!  This is a pipe Bill drove in the ground ages ago to hold up a hanging pot and this guy (or one of his predecesors!) moved right in!  
I bought this book for Mom a while ago and had fun looking through it with her on the visit;  I like it so much, I bought one for myself!  I think it is a great springboard for sample blocks, one large afghan or for making dishcloths!  I bought it on Amazon. The yarn recommended in the book is Cascade 220 Merino Superwash which is a DK yarn.  I am going to use the new yarn I bought for the crochet afghan but I am going to use it for this instead!
Simply because I want to!
And this pair of socks.....I ripped out what I had done because it just didn't fit well.   The cable made it draw in uncomfortably and the length just eluded me.  I am now knitting it as a vanilla sock and I did the math again for the sock cheat sheet--I can't find the one I have used for years anywhere!  I didn't hesitate to rip out;  that sock has given me fits and now I have purged myself of the irritation! lol


  1. Nothing like a good rip out. It seems like yesterday was rip out day around here for sewing projects. Nothing was behaving. I'll have to start fresh today.

  2. Purging irritations is ALWAYS a good idea!

  3. Frogging is one of the benefits of knitting!

  4. Sometimes we just need to give up on a project and forge a new path. Much easier with knitting than sewing. LOL!

  5. Although I don't enjoy ripping out something I've spent time knitting, it's better than never being able to use the finished project.
    I like the looks of that book. I think it would be fun to check out all of those blocks. I'm glad we're both home and ready to begin fall, aren't you?

  6. What a cute little visitor. I wish we had lizards here.


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