Friday, September 16, 2022


Another block was added to the design wall...
it's slow going but it's going!
I am majorly distracted with the hat knitting!  I have added pom-poms to the hats for girls.  What's your opinion for pom-poms for boys' hats?!  Please use pronouns--I'm pretty gender specific!
Lena has shadowed me as I play and organize yarns to use--3 bins worth!
And here is your lesson for the day--Caleb sent this pic to me and said-what is it?  We Googled it and discovered a new-to-us bug!  This is a  Two-Striped Walking Stick (Bug.)  It is not a baby on its lower back but rather its mate (small male-large female)  The stay connect for their lifespan.  This Stick bug has a secret weapon - it 'spits' venom at your eyes if you are close (12") to it.  The venom can cause blindness that is temporary 1=2 weeks or can be permanent!  They do not like contact with birds, reptiles or humans and make it very clear with its accurate shot!  You have to learn to respect every new bug/reptile/spider here and keep your distance until you KNOW what you are interacting with!


  1. Very pretty blocks. The stick bug not so much! LOL

  2. Oh, my gosh...what a vicious bug!

  3. When it comes to pom poms for boy hats, my rule is 12 and under, pompom, 13 or older, no pom pom unless specifically requested.

    Awesome bug!!!! Thanks for the mini-lesson!

  4. Beautiful hats!!! PomPoms... I kinda like wandering cat studios sugestion - and then my oldest asked for a pom pom haha!! So....


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