Monday, September 12, 2022


I finished the caramel colored block and started the third block of the  sampler blanket.  I had a little trouble telling my front from the back but after a nap, I had that figured out!  I will be taking it for waiting room knitting today when I wait for an eye appointment!  Sometimes I get right in and others....well, let's say I am always glad to have some knitting with me!

When I get home, I will be heading in to our Quilting Group--I haven't been to a meeting in a long time and will look forward to see what everyone is working on!  I began stitching this one together;  it is very slow.  I can't remember how I stitched the last one-whether it is easier to sew from the bottom up  or not.  I think it will get easier on the third row because it will be established.  That's my hope, anyway!  At group, I will be working on the star blocks because it won't be so demanding to work on!


  1. Busy day! Hope you get in and out of your appointment and enjoy your quilting group meet-up!

  2. I have no idea how you sew those pieces together on a curve like that. It's boggling my mind thinking about it. It's a real beauty so it must be worth the trouble.

  3. Waiting rooms are great places to sneak in some knitting. I like the colors you’re using for the blocks.

  4. For knits that are hard to tell back from front, I like to hook one of those removable markers (or a small safety pin) on the right side. Then I dont have to think about it.

  5. I agree with Nancy. I like the colors you're making the blocks with. I spent almost 6 hours in doctors offices with Mom today. And I forgot my knitting! I couldn't believe it. So frustrating. I get a lot of knitting done in waiting rooms.
    Hope all went well at your eye appointment.


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