Thursday, September 29, 2022


If you note the blue dot--that's me.  Light rain and some breezes all day yesterday but today it the full force of hurricane Ian.
(this pic is from last night 
so I expect Ian to be a lot closer today!)
I finally found a round of the O'Go yarn in the colors I am using for the Tunisian Blocks--it had been discontinued and I couldn't find the right color anywhere!  Amazon to the rescue-twice the price of what I bought a year ago but I needed it to finish out the year's blocks!
I couldn't wait to dig into the new block for Alycia's QAL---and when I made the 6th goose, I realized I had the colors wrong--the ones on the left are the right color arrangement!  Aaagh!  
In another hour, I had the pieces cut and began sewing them correctly!  I gave up on the other way of making the geese-this one is working out more accurately.
This came in the mail today, too.  No it is the 48 needle one I bought a week ago, this is only a 40 needle machine to make baby hats, etc!  Yup, I am totally enjoying these stash busters!
But no, I haven't given up on hand knitting either--I finished another block and cast on for the newest one-this one is called Bamboo!  



  1. I am antsy to hear what the conditions are for you so far this morning…they are now forecasting no rain at all for us from the storm! …but Abigail will get it tomorrow. Hope you are faring well!

  2. Calmly crafting during the I couldn't concentrate yesterday just watching it on TV. I see this morning it will be over us too with just rain, rain and more rain. Several days worth. Ugh. Just when the weather gets cool enough to enjoy being out we get the rainy season.

  3. Oh my gosh - I have been wondering how close it got to you!!
    ( PS save the boo boo geese...)

  4. I love Alycia’s comment: you were working ahead and didn’t even know it. I’m glad you found the needed yarn, sorry about the price increase. Be safe

  5. I'm finally able to comment late Thursday night. I hope and pray that you are safely past the worst of Ian. I've been praying for you all day, whenever the Lord brought you to mind. I can't believe you got ANOTHER knitting machine. I'm still trying to talk Dennis into the first one!
    Love everything you're working on while getting through that nasty hurricane. I saw some footage on the news while I was at Mom's today and the damage looks horrendous.
    Blessings and love,


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