Tuesday, September 6, 2022


This is another 'box' even though it isn't square!  I have been enjoying learning the many ways of planning and executing the two parts individually then make them fit perfectly!  The black here is filling a crack in the Holly that went right through to the inside which would've rendered the piece useless except for the filler.
I have learned a new way for hollowing the base and it worked!  I enjoyed working on this despite...
.....the grueling temperatures in the garage!  I have several fans pointed at me while I work until the sweat running in my eyes stings too much!  Then I am grateful for my new shower and sit and knit for a few hours!!!


  1. Fun to catch up! The holly’s stark contrast of dark/light wood is still fascinating to me.

  2. (…and I just realized that maybe all of the dark is filler?! It might be a long day! Haha)

  3. What an interesting and pretty box!

  4. What a beauty but oh, my gosh....that is hot! I get you still wanting to be out there because if I had a screened in area I'd be out there cranking my drum carder all summer. I can take the heat-for a bit but I can't take the mosquitoes. Our locals never seem to sleep. They bite all day.

  5. If I were in those temperatures long, you would find me in a puddle of sweat.


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