Thursday, September 22, 2022


I used Red Heart for the two turqoise hats and Lion Brand Mandala Sparkle in Nova for the pinks/grey one.  The Sentro Knitting machine works for both #4 yarns and #3! 
 These three hats are child sized.
This one is an adult hat in Mandala, Chimera colorway.  It has a very long color sequence so I am going to experiment with cutting the colors apart and halving them for the next hat!  Stay tuned.
It is very easy to just gather up the two ends of the tube  then tuck one half of the hat into the other and secure the ends.
 There is very little finishing as even the two tails from gathering each end is just slipped between the two layers of the hat to 'hide' them!  This is the reverse side of the same hat!

And this is for anyone curious about how to easily make a hat;
just turn the crank!  
Anyone math minded, it takes 13 cranks for one row,
 and I put in 110-120 rows for a hat! 
That's 1430-1560 cranks per hat!


  1. Ha!! That is so cool!!! and those hats are so pretty!!!

  2. I wouldn't be able to stop making those hats either. I can see it being addicting. Not only are they fun, they are great looking and honestly, there is not a lot of great looking hats out there that are hand knit.

  3. Nice hats! They are certainly stash busters.

  4. What a fun way to make hats, and so much quicker than knitting! Might have to track one of those down.

  5. I have one of those in my Amazon cart but haven't been able to talk Dennis into one yet. I would love to make some for the kids at the local school that I'm giving mittens to this year.
    Your hats all look so nice and I really like the colors.


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