Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Our Cereus plant is loaded with blooms--10 of them in fact!  I took this yesterday morning, hoping they would be open Tuesday night before the winds took them away!
I also took a trip to our pond that has overflowed into a swamp again like it did a few years ago!  Not our happiest conditions for that area.  It is no longer wooded with pines and maples-it is rather grim.  If we get the 12-18" of rain predicted, we will be able to row our boat around agan!
The sunshine gave way to this....
it will be grey skies for a few days.
Ian is moving so slowly, but the rains are here and I'm hoping the winds aren't extreme!
It's a good thing I know how to stay busy!
Lena helped me knock out a few hats last night while I waited for the flowers to open;  they are their best around midnight but I couldn't wait that long to go so sleep-I
 need to get the zzz's while I can!

The one on the left is from DK yarn and the right one is in worsted.  I am loving this knitting machine,
 in case you haven't noticed!

And at ten o'clock, I took a walk to look at the blossoms--the plant is about 48" tall with several 'branches'.
The flowers are large-5-6" across and droop about 8-10".  And the aroma as I approached was heavenly!  It was a very comfortable 78*F so the warmth adds to the sultriness.
It's the most amazing flower I have ever seen!


  1. Love the hats! Still watching The Weather Channel and thinking of you. So much coming your way today. Stay safe!

  2. Lovely flowers and hats. I’m sure the waiting makes you anxious: I know it would make me feel that way.

  3. I’m glad you got to enjoy the cereus before they take a pounding! …and it’s a good thing that you can knit without power, as long as you have some light from a window! :)

  4. Is it better or worse that the storm is moving slowly - does slower mean it will be milder?


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