Sunday, September 25, 2022


The feather quilting is completed and the quilt is off the frame and trimmed.  If the hurricane holds off for a few more days, I will be able to get the binding on and this one will be done!
I tackled the job of reloading the Dragon quilt and promptly  loaded the new pantograph upside down---AGAIN---but I saw it before I did any stitching this time!  Yikes!  I like the way the new 'scales' are more complex and do not leave such large areas blank like I had with the one I drew.  It's a good thing mine was so simple because it was a bear to rip out-even with the help of my daughter!!!!  I'd rather not have to do that again!  I found I could be upright for  almost an hour before I got shaky--I see glimmers of my better self!
While I was readying the bedrooms and doing laundry and cleaning (in case we have company during the hurricane), Bill was working on securing the solar panels on the roof, filling fuel cans for the generator and putting things away outside so they will not become missiles.  
I did a bit of knitting towards the end of the day yesterday, I think I can eke out one more kids' had out of the last skein of DK yarn!  I like the narrow stripes the best!  I will keep that in mind for future hats!


  1. It was nice to sit and chat and enjoy the togetherness while we ripped out…it would NOT be fun to do it alone, so I’m glad you caught the loading error!! I like those narrow stripes (on the hat), too.

  2. Hopefully the medication debacle has been resolved and you’re feeling better. Stay stay from the storm.

  3. I've been watching the Weather Channel all weekend and hoping for the best for you guys. I was just saying to The Mister that we've lucked out these past few years since Irene and Isabelle did their damage. You've got to watch those I named storms. They never play fair.

  4. Will keep you guys in my prayers!! Mom and sis are headed down in October, fingers crossed the season ends with no more storms. I hate ripping quilting!!!

  5. I like the new design for the quilting! And great hats. Hope the storm isn't too bad! Hold fast!


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