Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Look at the sunset from last night! 
 You'd never know that a hurricane is heading straight for me!
At least I am not on the coast but this should be a very interesting weather event!
I told the Sandhill Cranes that they better hunker down....the water is high out back which is good and bad.  Good for them to be able to hide safely but if we get the rain they are predicting, 
they will run a good chance of having their hillock
 in the swamp well under water!
At quilting yesterday, I made a bunch of flying geese;  I ended up using the 'no-waste method' to make the geese.  I've only 40 more to make before the next clue on Wednesday!
Have you ever used this technique to make flying geese?!


  1. That's my go to way to make geese now if I have to make multiples. I also have a specially ruler called the Wing Clipper. You make your geese a little bigger and trim them down with the ruler. I like it a lot.

  2. Oh, dear. Oh, dear....the calm before the storm. I'm watching that monster head right at you. It must be excruciating. We evacuated during Sandy and crating up all the cats was such a nightmare. I'm never doing that again. They better know how to swim! Lol...

  3. Yes,I’ve used that method to make FG successfully. Wishing you and the crane family safety during the approaching storm.

  4. Ohhhhhh that is scary!! hope it misses you!!!
    and love your Flying geese!!!!


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