Tuesday, September 6, 2022


I finished the first block. 
 I pinned it on the design wall to block it to size. (12")
I am not touching the square 
instead I dampen it first with water from a spray bottle
 and then use the steam from my iron to heat it up. 
 I leave it to dry overnight to get a very nicely shaped block \to join to its neighbor.
Which is already on the needles--
t is a double moss stitch which is ony a four row repeat.
The wooden bowl is all done--the black is epoxy that fills the worm holes.  This is Maple, 5" across and 2 1/2" high.
The top is wavy because of said worm holes
 but you know I like it that way!  


  1. I like the texture and flow of the bowl thanks to the worm holes! Pretty squares you are making.

  2. The square turned out great! That's a great way of blocking too. I really like how the bowl turned out. The wavy edges are perfection!

  3. I use a hand-held steamer for jobs like that because I don’t put water in the iron I use for quilting.

  4. I confess I have never figured out how to use the steam in an iron correctly. I always either soak something or barely mist it.
    The bowl really has that rustic feel to it. It's all very chic right now.


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