Friday, September 2, 2022


After watering plants and putting bird seed in the feeders, I played at the lathe!  It was good to play again;  I am turning a scrap of Maple log into a bowl.  It was hot and humid and I didn't last but an hour but I sure enjoyed doing instead of just watching!
I managed to add the crochet edging to the August block just in time because the new block comes out tomorrow!
I added several rows to the Dolphin quilt and will be able to finish it today!  
Swirls, hearts and seaweed for this quilt!  It is a very easy pattern to use!
Right after dinner the heat gave way to a major thunderstorm!  We lived up to being the Lightening Capitol of the World today!  There was hardly a few seconds between bolts and rumbles!  In fact, we knew one was really close and our neighbor called to say she lost power!  We had lost it and gained it right back over and over but hers was out for good.  After things calmed down, we went over and Bill * identified the problem;  her transformer blew a fuse!  The power company said they would be there by 9 or so!  I think the FPL crews were very busy last night!  
At the close of the day last night, I added another row to the Casablanca afghan!  I hope to add another few rows today while we drive into town to be issued new credit cards--our number has been stolen yet again!  The fraud department is a great service and within 10 minutes of the fraudulent purchases we were alerted and the purchases denied!  But it sure is inconvenient to have to head into town to be issued new cards!  Never boring!


  1. Busy, busy, busy!!! It's so good to get back into the old routine. I had it for a few weeks and then...back to the home improvement stuff. Ugh. We are nearing the finish so I can't complain but still....I'm so over it.

  2. You are really keeping busy! Everythin glooks nice (except maybe the storm). Glad your power came back on.

  3. Dang!!! when you get back in action - you really get back!!! Bet it felt good! And I will take some rain please - you keep the lightening!!

  4. My goodness you got a lot done yesterday. Back in the saddle for sure! All week the weatherman has said thunderstorms this afternoon but we have really blue skies right now. I wonder if they're wrong?
    Take care and have a lovely Friday.

  5. What a nuisance to have your credit card number stolen.I’m glad you were alerted of the attempt to use your card.

  6. You have been so busy and everything looks wonderful. We have had a few big storms this summer, just like when I first moved here there was a storm about 5 pm every day in the summer. We have not lost power yet but when I was at work last week there was a big crack of thunder and lightening and the home I was in lost power, all that but no rain!


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