Monday, October 21, 2019

School of Mermaids!

 When I said I did nothing but lay down in bed and do embroidery,
I wasn't kidding!  
I finished this mermaid 
(drawn and downloadable from
which is one of my favorites because she is holding a kitty AND she is wearing a sweater!
I used some new embroidery floss that is variegated! 
 I enjoy watching the colors change under this needle
 as much as I enjoy watching it under the knitting needles!
 She has joined the school of mermaids that have congregated on my design wall!


  1. Your collection of mermaid is just too cute!

  2. the mermaid with the kitty.

  3. Oh, that kitty!!! How cute is that?

  4. They are all lovely. I really like the kitty and sweater too. Who knew mermaids wore hand-knitted sweaters?!

  5. Cute - I just noticed that he kitty is a mermaid, too. Love the variegated thread's effect.

  6. Cute mermaids and nice stitching! I love variegated yarn; it keeps things interesting, doesn't it?

  7. Oh I love mermaids since Allison lived in Virginia!!! That is a darling mermaid with her sweater and her cat!!!


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