Monday, October 14, 2019

Unwilling Model!

 I made this dog sweater for my neighbor, Millie's, new pup;
a little dachshund that is very little!
While I was trying to set this up on my dresser, Nyki kept swiping things on the floor.
So I put her to work-she stood there frozen in shock long enough for a picture!
No, she didn't like it!
But I enjoyed the knit!
A very fast one for me-one evening and it was done!
I am going to try to figure out how to do it on the knitting machine, flat instead of in the round.
I hope it fits the dog--if so, I will post a pic of her in her new outfit!


  1. Lol! That reminds me of Tux. If I put any clothes on him, he'd just flop and freeze and give me a death stare.

  2. Decades ago, I dressed the farm cats in my doll's dresses. Thanks for triggering those memories. I hope the puppy likes the coat.

  3. HA!!! That is hilarious! I can see her frozen pose . I hope that the sweater fits the puppy and we get to see her wearing it.

  4. SO funny! Kitties do not as a rule make good models. I don't think I've met one yet that liked to wear clothes. Pup isn't crazy about her sweaters either but with that polar vortex thing we've been getting every winter having something warm on is a necessity for little doggies.

  5. I love how cats FREEZE their pose when they have to wear garments!!!!

  6. Hahahahahahahahahaha! My apologies to Nyki, but this picture made me laugh out loud and I plan to look at it more than once today just for the smiles! 😁


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